FASHION 4 NATURE # event   logo creation.    Here are two slightly different logo proposals in  cubist style for a special fashion event, which aims to draw attention to the environmental impacts of the fashion industry and wants to support a new way of creating fashion.  The client wished to use these 3 colors,  combine fashion and nature


Keywords: #cubist  #women   #fashion   #nature #mannequin  #couture

Project time frame: 4 weeks

SCAB SECURITY  # logo and company identity for a personal protection company caring for celebrities, clubs, events in St Tropez and surroundings. Client  wished  to use gold color, which perfectly complements black, chosen as the basic background color of the Scab security's    visual identity and to use sphinx or/and scarab 


Keywords: #sphinx  #scarab   #night #premium  #straightforward

Project time frame: 3 weeks

AFFLICTION # branding  & interior design of new Affliction store and subsequent creation of all print and  online brand materials as business cards, customers fidelity cards, flyers, invitations, posters, banners, stationery   materials    to a highway product billboard.   


The renovation / Interior design part of the project can be seen in #02 portfolio   section,    post  here

Keywords: #rock   #music #american   #vintage   #dark   #bold

Project time frame:  long-term

AETHER   # logo design and stationery materials, graphic chart, advertising page example and product label for a Monaco based company specializing in disinfecting and sterilizing the environment through medical technology. Company's clients are luxury hotels, hospitals and other public spaces.

Keywords: #pure   #aseptic    #air

Project time frame: 3 weeks

ICÔNE INTERIOR #   logo creation    and interior graphics: full-size stickers to mark doors in the hallway, for a pair of interior designers/decorators

Keywords: #elegant   #unique/iconic   #feminine   #fine

Project time frame: 3 weeks

EQUIVALENT   # logo creation    for a company, which specializes in lighting and wholesale B2B products. Logo / text   Equivalent     is intended to express   the business strategy of the company: creating a products that are cheaper and at the same time in the same quality as  existing brand products on the market.

It encourages  to think directly about the "equal" sign, which is wonderfully simple and can thus be incorporated into the logo, in this case directly into the first letter "E".  (E/=) symbol can be subsequently used  separately for divers branding purposes.


Keywords: #electric     #masculine   #samesamebutdifferent 

Project time frame: 2 weeks

MAGNOLIA YOGA & PILATES   #   logo design  and   visual identity for yoga coach and studio based at Nice.   Soft pastel watercolor background  is used on almost every format. Colors blending symbolizes slow movement and visually depicts quit yoga flow movements.  Flyer for opening of Magnolia  studio, business cards, exterior sign, Instagram profile...

Keywords: #soft   #calm   #light   #modernyoga  #sportnotonlysoul

Project time frame: 5 weeks

OHB advocates # Logo design for a law company based at Prague. The horse symbolizes strong and noble animal acting decisively and dynamically. The horse symbol in the logo is deliberately stylized in a chess figurine, which brings different dimension and characteristics to the logo, so the horse does not seem to be wild but stable.

The chess also provides a comparison of legal practice to a chess game, where are the clear rules, necessary to be able to predict the movements forward using the right figures to achieve the objective .

Keywords: #flexibility    #problem solutions    #stability    #professionalism

Project time frame: 2 weeks

LIFE #  logo and  product packaging for new electronic cigarettes  brand.   Design of starter kit, top view on the box  with white 3D pattern and black sides. Packaging refills design, each package has a different color scheme, which indicates the taste of the product, the logo also changes color depending on the flavor (11 types of packaging)

Keywords: #modern  #futuristic  #technological  #youth #minimalistic #electronic  #elegant

Project time frame: 10    weeks

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