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Meeting in person is    the preferred option, since we have the opportunity to explain the details and do a brief together, but it is not always possible, especially when working for clients abroad. Fortunately graphic work is not dependent on this aspect, the most important is the exchange of information.

So thanks to the internet, talking on the phone, through video calls    and communicating by email is  available and can be absolutely sufficient.

How we can work on the project? 

What’s the design process, when talking about logo and brand image?

Each project starts with a research of market, audit the competition and/or similar brands and a design strategy that results in a creative brief. It’s a fundamental pillar where all the information about the future design and project objectives is summarized and that we can also rely on later.


Brief requires input information from the client (objectives, business context, audience, personal preference and opinion, corporate design experience etc.) after completing and verifying on both sides, work on the design itself can begin.

How many logo proposals client receives?

Although many ideas have been considered, as a result 3 options are presented to the client,    the selected version will be finalized & delivered in several color versions: basic default color, greyscale, black / monochrome, reverse  and several formats to future use, in vectors / print (ai, eps, pdf, jpg) and  web (jpg, png)

In terms of design in 3D spaces

The brief is either already executed (in case of a project from logo creation  to graphic or interior design) or a short    brief that takes into account the existing corporate identity will be the basis for future design.


Based on this assignment is creating a mood board, a collage consisting of images,  samples of objects in a composition, colors, materials chosen    to convey a general idea or feel about a proposals.

What does it cost?

It only depends on the type of project. Price is based on value to the end-user, rebranding an established company or its products / services is a different proposition to designing a logo for a new local restaurant / shop. It means different approaches, different amount of outputs etc.


That’s why there are some things we'd need to know before we can send you a price proposal. To start please, send us an email telling little bit about your business, where you want to take it     and how you'd like us to help.

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