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Katerina Rosi,   graphic designer

Since 2001 I have been working for large international communication agencies and graphic design studios. There I gained experience in logo creation, development of visual identity and took part in developing complex advertising campaigns. I worked on a corporate design, magazine design, as well as creating book covers and designing packaging. 

I had the opportunity to work for clients / brands such as Unicredit bank, Zepter Internation, DHL, Deutsche Post, British American Tobacco, Vodafone, LG, Budweiser breweries, Everlast, Affliction...

Over the last couple of years I have been collaborating with the interior designer Tereza Scarlett, focusing on interior graphic design. Interior graphic design can be described as the merging of graphic design with three dimensional space. 


When creating a global image, print and online materials should correspond to corporate or commercial premises. 

That’s why, in addition to creating logos and other company materials, I can help you to create a professional look for your business premises using graphic design. This can take many forms, including the creation of personalised wallpapers or upholstery, innovative display design, wall graphics, windows graphics, etc.

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Good graphic design is not an extra supplement, that only some can afford. And it’s not just about “looking pretty”. It is the essence of the whole company/brand. It is about the user whose needs design can anticipate and whose languages it speaks. Design allows people to identify with the product and services. Design can make all the difference between your company growing or falling


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Tereza Scarlett, interior designer

I have always enjoyed visually creative work, and I have reconstructed and decorated the spaces I’ve lived in. In taking on these tasks, I discovered the beauty of interior design. This lead to the decision to enter an interior design school. After, in 2012, I set up my own company and started working full-time in this field. 


In my interior design projects, I work on everything from changing the layout of the apartment or house  to arranging the last button on a newly-upholstered chair. Reconstructions are arranged in cooperation with professional builders, carpenters, kitchen and bathroom studios. Furniture is designed and made in harmony with the selected decoration.

I arrange the sewing of bed covers, curtains and pillows. I also enjoy using graphics and texts in the interiors, not only on the walls but on a range of surfaces. When I cannot find what I am looking for in shops, we in the DAFS studio design our own graphics and have them printed on wallpapers or textiles. 


Often I combine characterful, contrasting design pieces - the old with the modern, rough materials with smooth textures. I enjoy the actual physical work, and have completed upholstery and furniture renovation courses. I like to renovate antique furniture and even give the items completely new functions. I upholster chairs, sofas, headboards and pieces of built-in furniture.  

I believe an interior reflects the people who use it. The space must be aesthetically pleasing, as well as comfortable and practical to the owner. It has to last, so needs to be made of high quality materials. The result of the work should not be just the designer’s display.”


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